The AI4EU Platform will bring the AI stakeholders and AI resources together in one dedicated place, overcoming fragmentation, so that AI-based innovations (research, products, solutions) will be accelerated. The AI4EU Platform will act as the one-stop-shop for anyone looking for AI knowledge, technology, services, software, and experts. AI4EU will function as European AI market driver, offering a critical mass of resources, community networking effects, and rapid development and growth.

 To fulfil the user needs and strategic objectives, the following design principles were considered:

  • Service-oriented and Web platform: The AI4EU Platform is designed to accessible only by using a web browser, without requiring any client software installation. All AI resources are accessible through a comprehensive service layer facilitating the Platform use and uptake by users.
  • Multi-disciplinary and cross-sector: AI4EU hosts workflows and algorithms for a wide range of AI symbolic and machine learning problems. This increases the achievable innovation potential by providing immediate access to AI technologies in multiple fields of expertise as opposed to existing systems that isolate the various research communities. AI4EU combines them through a uniform, yet flexible system, enabling the discovery of novel ways to solve similar problems.
  • Scalable and interoperable: The AI4EU Platform is fully scalable and interoperable in terms of data sources, programming languages, IT infrastructures, and third-party platforms. It will efficiently construct toolchains utilising state-of-the-art technology components and large data resources applied across multiple sectors.
  • Curated Data access: AI4EU data build upon previous EU projects, existing Big Data communities, and data exchange activities that will further be enriched by additional curated data coming from the AI4EU consortium, affiliated partners, as well as from all parties involved in AI experimentation projects.
  • Collaborative, Social and Confidential: The AI4EU Platform allows users to form virtual and interdisciplinary teams sharing activities (workflows, algorithms, data, and data experiment reports) towards common goals.

In summary, the European AI on-Demand Platform aims to fulfil the needs of the European AI community at large. To that end, it will promote four main services:

  • Providing accurate information to all users;
  • Facilitating and promoting collaboration between all AI stakeholders for new products/services, and to create jobs and growth with AI;
  • Making high-quality and accurate AI assets and relevant documents available;
  • Experimenting with AI tools to prototype ideas and applications 

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