Terms of use - Public Platform

(version 3.0 – 18th August 2020)

The AI4EU Platform is separated in two parts. The Public Platform allows you to access public content of the Platform without being able to directly interact with it. When registering and logging in you access the Platform where you can access the whole Contents and use all of the Services available.

The purpose of these Terms of Use is to define the terms and conditions of access and use of the public Platform AI4EU (hereinafter the "Public Platform").

The use of the Public Platform is subject to compliance with these Terms of Use, which all users acknowledge that they accept unreservedly by the mere fact of accessing the said Public Platform. Any user who does not wish to be bound by these Terms of Use must immediately renounce remaining on the Public Platform and immediately cease using it.



1. The Public Platform is published by the consortium of the AI4EU Project (“the members of the AI4EU Project”, “WE”, “US”). The coordinator of the project is THALES SIX GTS FRANCE SAS, a company identified under the number 383 470 937 RCS Nanterre, with a capital of 163,949,805 euros whose registered office is located at 4 avenue des Louvresses, 92 230 Gennevilliers, FRANCE (“THALES”). THALES can be reached at +33 (0)1 69 41 55 00.

2. The director of publication is Mr. Patrick GATELLIER on behalf of the AI4EU Consortium.

3. The AI4EU Platform is hosted by INSTITUT MINES TELECOM – TERALAB, located at 2 Villa Thoréton, 75 015 PARIS – FRANCE reachable at + 33 (0)1 45 81 80 80.


Account” is created by the user when registering the first time on the Platform. It consists of the user’s identity (first name, last name and email), the User’s password and consent to the Privacy Notice and Terms of Use.

Anonymous User” are users of the Platform who are not registered and therefore do only have access to the first level Platform Services.

Authenticated Users” are users who are registered into the Platform and therefore have access to the whole Platform Services

Content” defines every publication you can make on the Platform including News, Discussion, Groups, Resources, Posts, Organisation pages, Events, Evaluation Comments…

Contract” means the Terms of Use acknowledged and accepted by the user during the registration. 

Discussion” is a basic level of interaction between users about various topics.

Open Call” consists in the Service through which the user accesses challenge proposition and can submit his/her application for his/her participation to the challenge. Each challenge consists in a specific challenge to solve for which a subsidy is granted to solve the challenge within the framework defined by AI4EU.

Group” is an explicit mechanism for users to team-up and collaborate on a specific objective. It allows user to interact and work together to achieve a particular goal.

News” are communication published on the Platform of selected information on current event which appear in the News tab.

Organization” is a legal entity for which a user can decide to create an AI4EU page with its name, localization, contact point and description of activity.

Platform” means the AI4EU Platform in which, once registered, the User can use its Resources, Content and Services.

Profile” consists in the information the user provides such as an image, the job title, the phone number, areas of interest, the description etc.

Public Platform” is the Platform every one access when not registered. The user can see the content, has access to News, Events, Web Cafes, observatory content, public Groups, Organizations and Discussions but cannot directly interact with it.

 “Resource” is a contribution of any kind the User publish on the Platform and available for download by other users. A “Resource” may consist in a dataset, an executable, an AI model, a Docker container, a Jupiter notebook, an as a service, a library etc.

Search Bar” is the bar within the Platform where the user enters his/her search request giving him/her access to AI Resources, People, Organization, Groups, Discussions, News, events, Ethics Content, Internet content. The Search Bar is personalized using the User’s linguistic habits.

Services” are the whole services the User can access through the Platform.

Web Cafes” are moderated real time web conferences proposed to the Users in which a personality in AI discusses about a topic. At the end of the presentation Users can discuss the topic with the AI personality.


1. AI4EU is the European AI on demand Platform of the European Union’s landmark Artificial intelligence project AI4EU. It aims at developing a European AI ecosystem around this Platform. To that end, it brings together stakeholders through exchange of information on occasions and professional profiles, virtual events, knowledge, algorithms, tools and resources available and makes it a compelling solution for users.

2. The Public Platform is the landing page of the AI4EU Platform where the user can log in to access the full AI4EU Platform. It is accessible by any user not registered. Anonymous users can see all of the public platform contents and resources; they have access to: news, events, web café, observatory content, public groups, organizations and discussions. Anonymous users cannot directly interact with the platform and are only able to read the content they have access to. Anonymous users do not have access to private groups, people’s information, AI resources and platform solutions. Through the Public Platform the Anonymous User can register to the platform to access interaction tools and the whole Services and Contents.


1. The Public Platform and its contents are protected by copyright and/or other intellectual property rights which are the ownership of the contributing members of the AI4EU Project.

2. The reproduction and use of the elements of this Public Platform (and any information incorporated therein including but not limited to articles, graphic images, photographs, diagrams, video recordings...) are authorised provided that :

  • this reproduction and use are strictly for information, non-commercial purposes within your organisation to enable you to get to know the AI4EU project better; and,
  • all mentions of origin and in particular copyright notices appear on any reproduction; and,
  • the elements and information are not modified in whole or in part and in any way whatsoever; and
  • any other right of reproduction and/or use is expressly prohibited.

3. In addition, some of the names mentioned may be protected by trademarks that are the ownership of the contributing members of the AI4EU Project.


1. The elements of this Public Platform are provided for general information purposes only and cannot be used as a basis for any transaction.

2. All or any of the information published on this Public Platform is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement of third party rights.

3. WE provide no guarantee as to the accuracy or completeness of the elements and/or information published on this Public Platform.

4. WE in no way guarantee uninterrupted access to this Public Platform as well as the security of the Public Platform and the absence of all viruses or other undesirable hosts (including in the elements of the Public Platform and in the information incorporated therein).

5. The use of the elements of the Public Platform and any information included therein as well as access to this Public Platform are the sole responsibility of the user. WE disclaim liability for any damage whatsoever, including without limitation direct and indirect damage that may result from access to this Public Platform and the use of all or part of the elements or information contained therein.

6. IMT - Teralab, as data host, is not subject to any general obligation to monitor contents hosted or to any general obligation to look for facts and circumstances revealing illegal activities.

WE are not obliged to monitor activities and content on the Platform. However WE may remove any manifestly illegal content present on the AI4EU Platform as soon as it would have known about it. WE and IMT – Teralab may also communicate those illegal content of the User if asked by the judiciaries or administrative authorities.


This Public Platform may contain links to third party sites. These links are provided solely as a convenience to you and the inclusion of any link does not imply any endorsement of, or guarantee of, the materials on the linked sites. Access to these sites is the sole responsibility of the user.


The protection of your personal data is of high importance to the data controllers of the data processing carried out under the Public Platform that take all reasonable care to ensure that your personal data is processed safely.

You can find the privacy notices here.


1. Any information or request for information that you may send via the Public Platform or via the email address contact@ai4eu.eu to which the Public Platform may provide access, is considered to be non-confidential.

2. You may also send your information or requests by post to AI4EU PROJET COORDINATOR PATRICK GATELLIER, THALES SIX GTS France, 1 avenue Augustin Fresnel, 91 767 Palaiseau, France.


 1. WE may modify at any time and without prior notice the elements published on this Public Platform or any information included therein.

2. WE may also amend these Terms at any time and without prior notice.