Cookies Policy

(version 1.0 – 18th August 2020)

In compliance with the French National Commission for Data Protection and Liberties (CNIL) Guidelines n° 2019-093 of July 4, 2019 concerning cookies, and Article 5(3) of European Directive 2002/58/CE amended by Directive 2009/136/CE, the consortium of the AI4EU Project informs Users that cookies are used on the AI4EU Platform.

This AI4EU Cookie Policy describes types of the cookies used and their purposes. It applies to the whole AI4EU Platform but not when the user access other Platforms through AI4EU.

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files, implementing tracking mechanisms placed (or may be placed) and/or read on your device when visiting a website, reading an email, or installing or using software or a mobile application.

2. How do we use cookies?

The cookies set by us are called first party cookies. More specifically we use cookies and other tracking technologies for the following purposes:

  • Necessary Cookies
    • To open a user session’s link
  • Analytics and performance cookie
    • Establishing attendance aggregate statistics
    • Carrying on tests to measure the performance of different versions of Platform to detect browsing problems
    • Organizing the navigation between the different contents
    • Improving the users’ experience and the technical aspects of the Platform

We use cookies to know how users navigate on the Platform from one heading page to another, the time they spend on some pages, the duration of their connection and the technical constraints of their devices (computer, mobile etc.) type of their Operating System (Windows, MacOS, Linux etc.) and the type of their browser (Google, Bing, Firefox etc.) to enhance technical aspects of the AI4EU Platform.

We do not know the identity of the User nor the specific content the Users accesses. We cannot do any recommendation to the user nor know what the user is interested in.

The user can oppose the deposit of cookies or remove them however the user experience may be degraded.


3. Third Party cookies

The AI4EU Platform gives the user access to various services including EXTERNAL SERVICES. When accessing for the first time these services, the user shall agree upon the Cookie Policy of these EXTERNAL SERVICES we have no control over.

However, some cookies are placed by third-party sites (social networks). During your first visit on AI4EU Platform a cookie banner informs you about these cookies. Via their cookies, these third parties may collect and use your browsing data for their own purposes in accordance with their privacy policy.

You may find these Privacy Policy in the link below:

4. How can the user manage cookies?

Some cookies respect the Do Not Track (DNT) setting. The DNT is the possibility for the user to indicate through his browser’s setting that he doesn’t want to be tracked for his online activities across websites. You can manage cookies via your browser settings.

You can remove cookies from your device:

You can delete already installed cookies on your device by clearing the browsing history of your browser after visiting the website.

You can adjust your browser setting so that it will refuse cookies.

Usually every browser disposes of a settings tab with a “Confidentiality and security” section in which you can find the cookies setting and choose to disable cookies storage.

To help you manage your cookie settings on your device, you may ctrl + click on the link with the browser you are using to see how you can manage it.

Cookie settings in Chrome

Cookie settings in Firefox

Cookie settings in Internet explorer

Cookie settings in Microsoft edge

Cookie settings in Safari


       If you have any questions about this Cookie policy, please contact us at