An observatory is a special place where people can observe and study astronomical or terrestrial objects thanks to the particular equipment and conditions it can offer. Similarly, the European Observatory on Society and Artificial Intelligence (OSAI) aims at offering a set of tools that help people better understand and study the impact of AI technologies across the European Union.
Specifically, the Observatory supports the distribution and the discussion of knowledge about the Ethical, Legal, Social, Economic and Cultural issues of AI (ELSEC-AI) within Europe. Our aim is to create a space for promoting a broad understanding and a free, honest dialogue about those issues among experts and lay people. For this reason, we propose regular and accessible contributions thanks to a wide network of specialists in various fields (AI, ethics, law, economics, sociology, and philosophy) and organisations operating in the domain of ELSEC-AI.

At present the Observatory includes five sections:

  • Articles: they can include working papers presenting original ideas that are open to feedbacks, short articles on recent activities dealing with Ethical, Legal, Social, Economic and Cultural issues of AI (e.g. new laws, facts, events, etc.), case studies, research surveys, domain-specific concepts explained by relevant experts or blurred notions explained from different disciplinary perspectives.  
  • Reports: brief summaries of documents issued by governments, companies or independent organisations that share investigations, strategies, frameworks or plans concerning the implications of AI
  • Reviews: a commentary of recent books or timeless masterpieces that relate to AI and its impact on humans.
  • Centres: public or private organisations working on Ethical, Legal, Social, Economic and Cultural issues of AI (ELSEC-AI) based in Europe
  • Networks: international partnerships or forums addressing ELSEC-AI topics involving European countries.  

Anyone who is willing to contribute a piece for the Observatory can send an email to or